Country Home Decoration

Country Home Decoration: Add a Dash of Elegance to your Home

French country home decoration is a fabulous way to balance beauty to a living space via adding rustic pieces. Decorating home with country theme lets you enjoy the union of sturdiness and poise at home. The best part is that you can easily spice up your bathroom, kitchen, living room etc. French Country home décor will be a great choice for all those who want to decorate their house and create a pleasant environment in and around their house.

French country home decoration may seem to be an expensive affair but the truth is not what it seems to be. All you require doing is to collect all requisite items in available at your home and that fits in to your budget. One of the best things to do is to find vibrant prints. Floral prints are known to be the most suitable ones for traditional country home décor. These prints are positive. You can easily mix and match these prints with other prints such as checks and solids. The best part is that country home decoration theme is available for you according to the budget you have in your mind.

One of the most important things to keep in mind here is to decorate your home with the right color palette for your theme. The French country home décor is all about color balance. If you are interested in decorating your room, it would be great to include an interesting theme. Consider your furniture style and color prior to choosing the color theme to decorate your house. The French country look can be included via adding accessories in bright colors such as yellow, pink, blue etc.

It is important to include a dash of nature with grace when decorating home with country theme. There are several things that you would simply love to treasure in your home. However, now it is time to take all these things out and embellish your house with some of the antiques you have hoarded in the store. There are certain colors that you can offer special attention to when decorating your home with country theme.

Using accessories is very important. When decorating your home with country theme, you must focus on accessorizing your home with things that you love. Remember that there are no rules for decorating home. It is up to you and the creativity you use while integrating things in to your house while decorating it. You may take help of a favorite theme of yours and run it through the interiors while decorating it.  Country home decoration theme will be a great option for you if you are really interested in changing the overall look of your home for better.

Furnishings - Old, New, or Flea Market!

In the country cottage style of decorating, furnishings can be mixed and matched. Your goal is to create a simple, uncomplicated look. Worn furniture is perfect, whether it is truly worn or you have designed it to look that way by sanding edges to give it a worn effect. Wicker and wrought iron are excellent choices, and wooden furniture should be of lighter shades, even distressed white. Pieces can mix and match or you can paint all of the furnishings so they match. Flea markets are a good place to find simple pieces at a bargain!

The Perfect Fabrics

Pattern and fabric consistency play an important role in country cottage decor. Stripes, florals, checks and solids all work well together, as long as you follow the chosen color palette. Natural fabrics such as cotton, chenille and chintz add depth and interest to the room. Lots of throw pillows for the bed in various color-coordinated patterns are essential in creating a charming, relaxed atmosphere for the room.

Accessories - Think Outside the Box

When it comes to the accessories you want to use for country cottage decorating, use your imagination! Use an old antique trunk as an end table, or reuse draperies you have had stored for a decade as a kitchen tablecloth. Cracked pitchers filled with greenery add a nice touch. Anything you truly love that is simple and uncomplicated will work perfectly. Flea market finds, old things you have had stored, and reproductions help you create a home that reflects your personality, and feels so comfortable and welcoming that guests will never want to leave.

If you think country cottage style decorating sounds like a dream, do a little browsing online. You will find plenty of examples of just how beautiful, yet simple, this style of decor really is - and how easy it is to create the look for your own home.

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